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Using EFT as an aid to The Law of Attraction
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general chat about the Law of Attraction and related topics
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TOPIC: Using EFT as an aid to The Law of Attraction

Using EFT as an aid to The Law of Attraction 6 years ago #37

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a technique I am passionate about initially from my own personal expereince of breaking my back and being told after 14 months that no more could be done that I would walk with a stoop and be in pain for the rest of my life - and now I'm a yoga teacher!
From this wonderful recovery I trained as an EFT Advanced Practitioner and then as a Trainer and now I am the AAMET International (professional association) representative in Portugal - a passion indeed.
Whilst it is easy to say change your thought patterns and become positive sometimes our negative beliefs, thoughts and emotions are so ingrained that we don't even realise they are there. EFT does as it says creates Emotional Freedom removing the negatives blocks that sabotage our desires in life.
EFT refers to The Writings on the Walls - the beliefs we have been indoctrinated with since we were born, as if every morning before anyone had risen on the walls opposit the breakfast table are written "The Rules this family lives by" and these can be hard to break away from they are so much part of your identity, it helps if one of these is tolerance to each others beliefs and desires.
Do you know what the wrtings on your wall are and do they feel right and fitting for you or are they an uncomfortable fit? One to ponder.
I was so pleased to see EFT recommended on this site, it is a powerful tool for personal achievement and a balanced energy system.

Re: Using EFT as an aid to The Law of Attraction 6 years ago #50

  • Ali K
  • Fresh Boarder
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I am very familiar with EFT having being introduced to it by some friends a couple of years ago and I have to say I found it great. We often used to sit together and tap and the energy was lovely. After watching several videos and trying it out a few times I was able to remember the points and take some time by myself. I haven't used EFT in a while and now having seen the article about it, I will use it again.

Re: Using EFT as an aid to The Law of Attraction 6 years ago #55

  • Mr F
  • Fresh Boarder
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I have tried EFT but did not get the expected results so I gave up and I have been a bit sceptical. However I do believe there is something in it so I may persevere.

Re: Using EFT as an aid to The Law of Attraction 6 years ago #56

Hi Mr F.
Glad you have tried EFT and are willing to give it another go. EFT may not have given you the expected results however the results may have been what you needed, and if you had continued you would probably have gained the inital result you wanted and a whole lot more.
As an EFT Practitioner I find that the issues clients have come with are the tip of the iceburg and there are core issues to be dealt with first to remove the base of the iceburg so the rest can melt away. So I would encourage to return to sessions I am sure you will benefit. Good luck.

Re: Using EFT as an aid to The Law of Attraction 6 years ago #57

  • smilefor
  • Administrator
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Yes, I would go along the same line and say give it another go. I agree it could be as Janet says and if that is the case persistance will pay off. It could even be that you are blocking the results in some way by telling yourself that it won't work as you are doing it because you think it's a weird thing to do.
I have made a tapping chart with all the areas that need to be tapped highlighted and I will add it to this site as a download just as soon as I get a minute.
But do persevere and let us know how you get on. Good luck.

Re: Using EFT as an aid to The Law of Attraction 6 years ago #59

I'd like to add a little word of caution only use EFT on yourself on the smaller issues, for other deeper issues please use a practitioner. I once received a phone call from a lady who found EFT on the internet and decided to tap on her low self-esteem, she opened Pandoras box, thankfully she knew she needed help, searched and found me and I was able to talk her through as EFT can be very effectively used over the phone (and now of course even easier with skype).
If you wish to become more adept at using EFT on yourself then please attend an EFT Training course, these can be found with a great deal of advice and names of Practitioners worldwide, on the professional body web site www.aamet.org AAMET International is the Association for the Advancemnet of Meridian Energy Techniques.
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