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general chat about the Law of Attraction and related topics
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TOPIC: Friends

Friends 8 years, 7 months ago #74

  • Tess
  • Fresh Boarder
  • Posts: 17
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I just wanted to open up the subject of "friends". At the moment I'm begining to see how the law of attraction works and I'm really getting into it. I'm quite excited about the whole thing but when I mention it to friends they kind of think I'm away with the fairies. I really like my friends and have tried to explain the whole idea to them. One or two say they think there is something in it but I have a few who think it's all a load of rubbish and tell me I've been brainwashed by the fairies.
I'd be interested to hear what experience others have in this area?


Re: Friends 8 years, 7 months ago #75

  • smilefor
  • Administrator
  • Posts: 48
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Hi Tess,

Friends come in all different shapes and forms and we should give thanks for them all, no matter what. They are all in our lives for different reasons. The fact that some of them don't understand the law of attraction dosen't mean that are bad or that they are wrong, they are just different and not "ready" to understand yet. When they are "ready" they will discover it and they too will have that extra sparkle of knowing the secret to a happy life.

I myself have many non believers who are my most dearest and precious friends. They know about my book and my website and like to give me a good grilling to try and prove it all "wrong". The fact is, if they are not "ready" to believe they won't and there is not a lot we can do about it. Who knows maybe in our debates the seed gets planted but at the end of the day,what matters is that I know the law of attraction works just like the law of gravity does.My friends are still my friends and I have some wonderful times with them and thats what matters when I'm with them.
Don't forget you can always talk about the law of attraction with your friends here on the forum when you are not having fun with your "other" friends.

Re: Friends 8 years, 7 months ago #79

  • Ali K
  • Fresh Boarder
  • Posts: 6
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Hi....I think that we are all at different stages of our lives and sometimes people don't want to be open to new ideas or ways of thinking because people are afraid of change and what effect it will have on their friendships and relationships. We can live our life in ways that encourage us to be who we are, by being positive and surrounding ourselves with positive people but our friends will always be our friends no matter what we decide.

Re: Friends 7 years, 1 month ago #118

  • Jim Howard
  • Fresh Boarder
  • Posts: 3
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I must say that everyone who has posted on this matter has made interesting comments. I'm new to the law of attraction but have bought the book as I have been interested in this subject for some time. I've spoken about it to quite a few of my friends and they appear to be interested in it too. Maybe I'm just lucky to have friends who are open to new ideas. I've loaned my copy of the book to 2 of my friends so far and they both are up for doing the exercises as they feel they can only better their lives.
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