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2012.09.09 20:33:28

One very important step in the Law of Attraction is learning to show gratitude.

So many people forget to show gratitude for what they already have in their life and instead they just sit there anxiously waiting for all they things they desire to show up and manifest. However it is difficult to attract nice things into your life if you are not showing gratitude for the nice things you already have. Gratitude  sends out such wonderful and positive vibrations and inturn this attracts more wonderful things into your life.

There is so much in this world to be greatful for. Just think, when you woke up this morning you had a roof over your head, access to clean drinking water, warm clothes to wear, shoes to put on your feet. There was enough food to keep hunger at bay and you most likely woke up in a warm cosy bed. At the flick of a switch, you've also most likely got access to the internet, which in turn gives you access to information on every subject you would ever need to research. Most of those things we take for granted.

So please, don't take it all for granted, show gratitute, smile and be happy for all the wonderful things you already have in your life. You'll be amazed at how this will increase the positive vibrations you send out which in turn will attract many more wonderful things into your life.

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2012.09.09 22:34:21

I've read your book and it made me realise I took quite a lot for granted. I now spend a few minutes before I go to sleep giving thanks for what I already have as I know it's surposed to increase the good vibrations, but I find it makes me appreciate my life so much more too.

2012.09.14 12:06:02

Yes Tess, a lot of people spend their time wishing for things in their life and forget to give thanks for what they already have. I spend so much time just being greatful for everything in my life and since I started doing that I can honestly say I feel I have the perfect life. I have some amazing friends too, a bunch of them showed up yesterday when I really needed help with a task that had to be done. One friend showed up and started helping and I thanked the Universe from the bottom of my heart as it meant things would get done quicker. 20 mins after that 3 other friends showed up and got stuck in too. The law of attractions attracts more of what we are greatful for and yesterday for me it was helpful friends.

2012.11.17 23:49:16

I so agree that Giving gratitude for every little thingis so important. Since I started doing this I've found that only good things come my way. I love life, I love myself and I love the law of attraction!

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