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2012.10.02 14:29:37

My Book "Life is for Living" is now available at Amazon as a kindle download. Feedback tells me you'd rather download to your Kindle from Amazon as you already have accounts there. I have had to tempoarily unpublish at Smashwords, inline with Amazon's terms and conditions as they ask for 90 days exclusive rights to the book.

So although you can no longer buy at Smashwords, you can still read the 5 star reviews it had there by clicking this link

Buy Life is for Living from Amazon

  Amazon | Life is for living

2012.10.03 15:18:18

Thats good news, I'll bet you'll get more sales as most people have an amazon account so it'll be easier for them to buy from there.

2012.10.11 09:55:08

I enjoy your blog and will certainly book mark and share with my friends.Keep up the good work

2012.10.22 17:49:21

I've just finished reading your book. I Loved it! I first just downloaded the free bit but once I read that I wanted to read the whole thing. I'm going to read it again and do all the excercises this time as I go along. I can honestly say I feel more content and happier with my life already since reading it and I haven't even manifested anything yet.

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