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2014.02.19 22:24:37

My book "Life is for Living"has been available as a kindle download for quite some time but it's finaly been published as a paperback and is available on Amazon from today. I'm really chuffed. It was quite exciting getting to hold the paperback version for the first time. The good thing about Amazon is that they offer free postage. If you order one direct from me I can sign it and include a personal message before posting it off to you but I'll have to include postage which seems to work out at €4 from Portugal to the UK. I'll be in the UK soon so will be posting from there too soon.

Well it had some good reviews which you can see here and I'm looking forward to some more of you reading it and giving me some feedback. Love Light and Peace to you all. Debbie X


Jim Howard
2014.04.12 21:42:00

I've read the book and really enjoyed it. I like the idea of some exercises to do at the end of each chapter. At first I just read the book and read through the exercises but the second time I made a point of doing them and felt I got so much out of them.

2019.05.17 06:56:03

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