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My latest book "Unlocking the Gateway to Happiness" is now available on Amazon.

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This book has been written with the intention of sharing with you, my own experience of finding what I consider to be lasting happiness. I, like many others before me have searched for ways to find true happiness. I feel that I am at a stage now, after a lot of personal searching, researching as well as through trial and error over the years, have finally discovered the many keys including the ultimate one to finding true happiness in life. This book, explores the things that in my opinion we sometimes mistake for happiness, the things that bring only temporary happiness as well as the steps we need to recognise and take before we can find true and everlasting happiness. It is a lot easier than you may imagine and through experience, including periods of unhappiness in my own life, my experience of the Law of Attraction and putting it into practice, coupled with simple mindfulness and common sense, I have now perfected what I feel is the path to true happiness. It is something I now want to share with you. This is because I watch so many people getting frustrated and looking to find happiness in the wrong places. So together let us explore the pathway to happiness and go through that door hand in hand with an abundance of joy in our hearts instead of being weighed down by sadness and disappointment.

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